Alfredo Lerma was born in Buenos Aires in 1975.

Graduated as Mechanical Technician in Lobos he moved back to Buenos Aires in 1994. While studying Naval Engineering, Social Psychology and Performing Arts, he worked in industries and offices.

His first contact with "Handmade instrument making" was in 2008, guided by Dario Lo Bosco. The following year, he started a course of "Restoration of Musical Instruments" with Diego Mena, attending his workshop for 3 years. In 2012 studied "Lutes and Ancient Guitars" making with Sebastián Núñez.

In 2013 he opened his workshop in Boedo, where he performed restorations and maintenance of instruments. Alfredo coordinated the seminars of Mauro Cura (friend and teacher of the School of Lutheria of Tucumán), who trained him in the construction of Violins in Yerba Buena, Tucumán.

Inspired by the elegance of historical instruments, he joined AALGA (Argentine Lute and Early Guitar Association), an artistic community that brings together specialists in ancient music, serving as its Secretary for three consecutive years (2016-2018).

While starting to make his own lutes, he studied Spanish Guitars making with Ariel Ameijenda and Baroque Violins with María Machado, and fine woodworking furniture guided by Germán Plessl.

After a decade in the market, he exhibited his instruments at the University School of Music during the "First Festival of Lutes and Ancient Guitars in Montevideo" and provided a Workshop on Instrument Maintenance for musicians at the Patagonian University Institute of Arts, within the framework of the "XII AALGA Festival 2018".

Since June 2019 he lives in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Miguel Barreiro 3025
(+598) 096 657 096