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About Us

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Alfredo Lerma

In 2008, I started making musical instruments in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since then, I've continued studying around the world in order to perfect my understanding and better teach my students.

For over ten years, I've worked with vihuelas, classical, romantic, and baroque guitars, viloins, violas, cellos, upright basses, lutes, theorbas, and instruments from the Middle East.

Currently, I am located in Montevideo, Uruguay, creating and restoring more instruments than ever while teaching the next generation of luthiers. Above all, I value respect for the art and the open-mindedness that allows me to keep learning and teaching.


Our Team of Luthiers


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Germán González
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Nicole Álvarez
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Maximiliano García

Our Team

The luthiers that we're proud to share the shop with come from a wide range of backgrounds, each with their own specialty.  While Alfredo Lerma specializes in historical instruments and lutes, Germán González most enjoys working with Spanish classical guitars. Nicole Álvarez enjoys working with regional and folk instruments, and Maximiliano García is passionate about electric instruments. All of us work together in the construction, repairs, and restorations of stringed instruments and share a common love for music. 

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