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Instrument Construction Courses

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Course Information & Enrollment

Course Overview

Learn to build your own custom Spanish classical guitar or other plucked string instruments. This course is designed for individuals who are passionate about crafting instruments and want to gain the skills and knowledge needed to create high-quality, handmade instruments.

Our comprehensive Instrument Construction course is divided into two detailed modules. You will learn everything from developing templates and molds to assembling the instrument and preparing it for varnishing. This course is suitable for all skill levels and offers a hands-on, immersive experience.


Course Overview

Our Instrument Construction course offers a detailed, hands-on approach to building custom Spanish classical guitars and other stringed instruments. With expert guidance, you will learn all parts of instrument construction.



Additional Details

Module A - Duration: 12 to 14 classes:

  • Develop and construct workshop tools, templates, molds, and devices for custom instrument making.

Module B - Duration: 10 to 15 classes:

  • Sharpen and adjust work tools.
  • Build and assemble tops, backs, necks, sides, braces, bars, bridges, rosettes, purflings, bindings, fingerboards, and nuts.
  • Slot, place, and adjust fingerboards and frets.
  • Prepare the instrument for varnishing.

Location: Av. José Garibaldi 2057, Montevideo, Uruguay

Cost: $4200 per 3-hour class (includes all materials)


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