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Instrument Maintenance

Our Instrument  Maintenance course offers a comprehensive introduction to the essential techniques needed to diagnose, conserve, and adjust classical guitars and other plucked string instruments. This hands-on workshop requires no prior experience or special tools, making it accessible to all levels of enthusiasts.

You’ll learn how to identify and address common issues such as tuning peg problems, fret adjustments, and overall instrument cleaning and polishing. By the end of the course, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to keep your instrument in optimal playing condition, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

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Instrument Construction

The Instrument Construction course is designed for those passionate about creating their own custom stringed instrument. Spanning two detailed modules, this course guides you through every step of the instrument-making process.

Starting with the development of essential templates, molds, and devices, you’ll move on to the intricate work of assembling the instrument's body, neck, and other components. With all materials and tools provided, you’ll learn to fine-tune your creation, preparing it for a professional varnish finish. This course is perfect for those who wish to experience the full journey of transforming raw materials into a beautifully crafted, playable instrument.

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Instrument Restoration

Our Instrument Restoration courses delve into the techniques necessary for repairing and restoring a wide range of string instruments, including guitars, violins, and lutes. Whether dealing with minor repairs or undertaking full restorations, you’ll learn methods to bring instruments back to their original glory without leaving a fingerprint.

Each class focuses on specific types of instruments, using authentic materials and professional tools. This course is ideal for both budding and experienced luthiers who want to enhance their skills in maintaining the structural and aesthetic integrity of these valuable instruments.

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Master Varnishes

The Master Varnishes course is tailored for those who wish to master the art of finishing instruments with high-quality varnishes. This specialized course covers a variety of varnishing techniques, including the preparation and application of alcohol-based varnishes, mixed varnishes like Spirit Varnish 1704+, and oil varnishes.

You’ll also learn about the use of pigments and organic compounds for cleaning and finishing. While materials are not included, the course provides a deep dive into achieving professional-level finishes, ensuring your instruments not only sound great but look stunning as well.

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